~ Creation is the bridge between mind and soul ~

An intuitive artist. The path of my creativity began very early. As a small girl I used to hold a pencil or a paintbrush in my hands very often and I drew on all available surfices. I liked it very much.

My creativity was always contected with the study of worlds which are invisible for us and it happened spontaneously that the passion to create and the interest for the Spiritual World conected (united) and Energy Paintings , Jewerly arised.....
For me the creation means the bridge between mind and soul. My products are wavers of Light that conect us with an inexhaustible Source that is available to all for better, nicer and more joyful here and now.

Other about me...

“The easisest way to describe Zvonka's work is that: if I would play on my flute, it would be the most gentle, sentient melody full of colors and beautiful tones“ (Elena Hribernik, flutist)

“Zvonka, your creations radiate purity and light. It is felt they are created with a heart and with a clear intention for healing. In fact, it happens spontaneously with the flow. That's why they attract the intention of the observer and the affection of his soul.“ (Suzana Bolčina, Laughter Yoga trainer , Eternal Light therapist)


~ Unique jewelry with semi-precious stones from silver and copper ~

Jewelry made of silver and copper with precious and semi-precious stones is born under the wing of the inspiration of mystic worlds. I often use symbols of ancient peoples and cultures in creations. With my specific form, I want to emphasize a rustic look that takes us inadvertently at some other time. The feature of the products are robust lines to which the softness of the spiral is added, which is an indispensable element for every my product.

~ Unique jewelry with semi-precious stones from wire ~

When designing jewelry from wire, I use various techniques of interlacing wires and semi-precious stones. I use three types of wires: copper, which I process with patining, aluminum and silver wire.

~ Energy paintings ~

Energy Paintings harmonize energies in the area , they rise the vibration, negate the negative radiaton and they have a healing effect. By putting the Energy Painting into a living area or work space, we achive energy balance which we feel like harmony bringing us peace, relax, positive energy, protection, light,...